How to Make More Money and Work Less

Have you ever thought about ways to make more money and work less or be paid less? Money made passive income available is by your own definition. passing money from one person to another person where the money is not yet spent and the person is told that the money is already spent, this is how to make more money and work less.

Consider a situation where investment money is being spent and you are told that in order for you to make the money back you will have to wait an additional 30 or 90 days. When this is the case you are still making money as the money is being spent and you are told when you again earn the money and it is not yet spent.

So as an example, for the 300 people you know you will earn $300 every time you sell a $30 product. Let’s say that you sell 10 products, then you sell 2 products each worth $60 and so on. Meaning that in this case you will earn an average of $60 per product. Stating the obvious, you will need to sell a lot of products to generate a Passive income.

How to waiting to sell a product before you are paid? From my observations, you are not paid until you have already been paid in full and on time. There are cases when you are paid on demand for a period ranging from 30 to 90 days. Again, in my opinion, you are not likely to get rich on $30 commissions for the period ranging 30 to 90 days. So we are back to our initial question of how to make more money and work less.

So I guess that we need to revisit our original questionHow to make more money and work less? Since we are almost guaranteed to be paid for the work we do and the fact that we are paid for a length of time varies from one Affiliate program to another, we are left with thinking How to make more money and work less.

In my opinion, there are yet a few things that you could do to squeeze out even more money from your time & efforts.

· Master at least one form of Internet Marketing. Reach the most people possible. Use all tools & resources available to you.

· Choose a strategy that gets you more targeted traffic to your website. More traffic results in more sales.

· Take advantage of all available information and tools to optimize your site for the search engines.

· Track your site on Google AdWords to optimize the conversion.

· Read a step by step eBook on Google AdWords.

· Remember that the at least one of the above methods involves evaluating the quality of your traffic and if you haven’t done so already, place ads on Google AdWords to generate traffic

As far as additional bonus items, let me inform you that most Affiliate Programs offer free eBooks that can be given away to your prospects.

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