How to Generate an Additional Income

It is impossible to generate an additional income unless you are promoting a residual income opportunity.

One of the biggest challenges to making money online is having a source of consistent, reliable income. There are ways to grow your online income: writing articles, product sales, paid surveys and more, but in its purest form, it all comes down to creating and promoting your own website.

Because a website is tangible, it should be treated the same way a business plan is treated: a business plan has specific goals, a long term strategy, and specific criteria for its creation and growth. A website is both a platform for advertising and a platform for intellectualism. The late Cory Rudl perceived the two sides of the coin and made a very powerful connection between content and monetization. He called the site born from “encyclopedias” a “blog.” Some of the main attributes of a weblog should be:

– Error management

– fairness and balance

– serious and intelligent discussion of relevant issues

– easily pudding-able formats

It is those elements ofumeration which are the most important part of a weblog. So, if you’re blogging, be sure to include at least three of these elements. If you’re not using weblog software, at least make sure you can edit your posts.

Google requires weblogs to have at least one link to an online merchant who is selling goods and services included in the weblog entry. Many generous webmasters offer widgets and banners to their affiliates. They refer the traffic from the affiliate page to the merchant site and then the affiliate gets paid a percentage of the subsequent sale.

Now, there are three ways in which you can use a weblog to generate supplemental income. You can have lunch a talk about a hot new widget you just tried for the first time. You can show your first few pages of new blog posts. You can have a “market talk” about the hot new product you’re recommending.

market talk”

When you decide to set up a weblog, or blog, you need to decide how you will promote it.

Some people do just that – they send the traffic from their weblog directly to the affiliate page. They earn a percentage of any subsequent sale.

Others, however, decide to send the traffic from their weblog to their own optin page, from which they encourage their visitors to subscribe to their newsletter.

The second option is fairly simple – you can encourage people to subscribe to your weblog by offering a free report or special newsletter.

This is where you can let your visitor know what you are promoting. But you must provide highly valuable, inside information, and must give them something that is not a bare minimum or required by the product.

The third option is where you provide highly relevant additional services, such as free advice and expert advice. Both of these options deliver value to the person subscribing to your newsletter.

It is highly effective to offer a free newsletter or report when you have created your weblog. You can deliver this to your optin page and then follow up with even more information in the weblog. Use this combination to your advantage.

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